Who We Are

InWork GM deliver Working Well (Work and Health Programme)
on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)

InWork GM is an alliance partnership between Ingeus and The Growth Company.
It also includes Pluss, who provide specialist health and disability support.
The Growth Company will be supported by Pathways CIC who offer wellbeing services.

Ingeus makes sure people have the skills, support and behaviours to get jobs, gain independence and become productive employees.

The Growth Company is a leading deliverer of education, skills and employment support and provides personalised services for those furthest away from work, helping to improve lives.

Pluss are an award winning Community Interest Company that supports thousands of people with disabilities and other disadvantages move towards and into employment each year.

Pathways CIC support individuals, health and social care professionals, communities and businesses, promoting sustainable change through our services. Success is measured by the positive changes clients see in themselves and in their lives.

If you haven’t been referred to Working Well (Work and Health Programme), please speak to your JCP Work Coach at your next appointment.

You need a JCP referral to join the programme.

This programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund